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Nature's Whispers

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Guided Meditative Walks & Gatherings

Nature's Whispers Mission

We believe in promoting nature, health, and outdoor activities to help people connect with nature's healing power.


Our guided meditative walks are led by experts in sustainable gardening, forestry, herbalism, ecological healing, and shamanic healing.


We offer a seamless booking experience and payment processing, and we showcase scenic vistas of nature and hiking.


Our focus is on peace, calm, and emotional engagement with nature, setting us apart from anyone else.



Promoting Health

Scenic Vistas

Seamless Booking

At Natures Whispers, we are passionate about helping people connect with nature's healing power. Our guided meditative walks are a unique expertise that sets us apart from competitors and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for nature enthusiasts. Join us to explore nature's hidden gems and awaken your senses.

Guided Meditative Walks & Gatherings

Connect with Nature's Healing Power



My name is "Pondhawk" Michael Gulbrandsen

Michael ‘Pondhawk’ Gulbrandsen is a Naturalist and the founder of “Nature’s Whispers.” Michael grew up in upstate New York with acres of woods and streams across the street. He spent the summers exploring and connecting with nature on trails and waterways.


In 1995, Michael began to study the connection between hiking trails & sacred spaces with the renewal of the inner self and spirit. Utilizing a variety of timeless ancient practices he creates walking trails that connect people to nature.


“Plants want to connect with the people of the land around them.  I show you how to make this connection with Grandmother Earth and its inhabitants by a guided mediative walking trails.


You have to pause and take in the magic, slow down your senses. See the forest from the Squirrel’s Eyes and listen to nature’s whispers."

Forest Walking

These walks and meditation helped me gain focus in my life. Walking the medicine wheel was a great way for me to let go and connect with nature.

Stephen, NY, New York

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles. Nature's Whispers helped me be apart of these miracles

Jonathan, Beacon, NY

Nature's Whispers  helped me connect deep into nature, and then I understand everything better.

Mary, Westchester, NY

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